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  1. Do I Pay You Any Money Up Front? Absolutely NO! Our case evaluation is FREE.
  2. Why Should I Choose You as My Lawyer?  There are many good lawyers, we are just one firm having several lawyers who spend 99% of their practice dealing with your type of specific injuries and details.  It’s all we do, all the time.  We have 100 years combined experience doing so.
  3. How Long Will My Case Take?  That depends upon how long it takes you to recover from your injuries and whether or not you have any permanent injuries.  Your doctor (s) must release you from care.
  4. How Do I Get My Car Fixed and Get a Rental?  The wrongdoer’s insurance company will provide a rental vehicle in some cases for a short time while your vehicle is being totaled or repaired.
  5. How much is my case worth?  Depends upon several factors and facts of your case, most of which are not known at your first appointment; however, we are able to set case values after your medical treatment is done.
  6. What Will It Cost Me to Hire You?  Our fee is 1/3 of any settlement or jury verdect at the end of your case.  If we don't win, YOU DON'T PAY.  You will NEVER have to send us any money!
  7. Can I Give a Recorded Statement to Anybody?  We advise our clients not to speak to ANYONE and ask any person or company trying to speak to you to contact US and we will handle the rest.

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